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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to one and all – from our family to yours!

The cold is in the air and Santa’s doing his rounds! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to your family from ours. During this festive season, let’s hope and pray that God gives each one of us all the strength and wellness for ourselves, our families and our great nation!

Things on your mind

As we get in to the last week of December with Christmas in the air, it is only fitting that we leave our troubles out of our minds and focus on spreading joy with our families. While we do that, we should not forget that come the new year, we will be facing and standing up to these very issues once again! Hopefully, the time that we spent with our families will have given us enough hope to meet these challenges head on in the new year!

Home Repair Challenges

Today, I want to focus on the home repair challenges. A good many people put these off, until they become a major concern! And it is quite fair as well – we dread many things when it comes to home repairs –

  • Cost: Doing any repairs in the house puts a significant hole in the pocket for most homeowners. God forbid, if it is a major one!
  • Dealing with Insurance Companies: Will your home repairs be covered by the insurance company? What paperwork will you have to submit? What if they increase your premiums?
  • Finding and Dealing with Contractors: Undoubtedly, the biggest concern many homeowners have! True, we have Angie’s list and other websites to see if contractors have good references – but can we trust those references? And if they do have good references, you can bet your last dollar that you will be worried about cost! Other concerns – Will they have the time to fix your home? Will they be sending in their “A” team or some guys they picked up from the street so that they would not lose out on the job? Will they finish the work on time? What if they ask for more money – do you even know if you can later on sue them for work either not done properly or if they’ve given you wrong advice (and trust me, it is very expensive hiring lawyers after working with bad contractors – you don’t want to do that!).

While Repairs and Contractors go hand-in-hand , after being in this business for a long time, I have found out that “Fear of contractors” is the primary reason why people keep putting home repairs and home maintenance off! (Oh, and there are plenty of horror stories on the web if one cares to read through those – I am not saying all are bad, but there are enough contractors who masquerade as all-knowing entities and put the rest to shame).


I have also seen first hand, what people do to their houses when they start undertaking home DIY projects for themselves. It invariably leads to the repairs costing more and sometimes, not following local/state codes (not to mention, sometimes, completely endangering themselves and their loved ones)! Eventually, they call up our company and ask us to buy the home from them!

A Smarter Option

So where does this lead me – my point is this – if you are in a situation wherein you are getting ready to sell your house and if it does need a lot of work and if you don’t know good reputable contractors, CALL US!

We may be able to help and not have you go down the path of working with contractors that you cannot trust and may have no recourse if and after they do substandard work – saving you endless hours of pain. Even if you do know good reputable contractors – what is the harm in calling us? We will give you a fair price for your home and we will do the math with you to help you understand where our offer is coming from. You will have the option of making a choice – if nothing else!

Don’t wait any longer – don’t put things off, especially now that you have a choice! Take the time to fill out the form below or call us at 512.765.4296! We are here to help!

Once again, let’s part ways with saying thanks for the many wonderful things that we have been bestowed with in our lives and ensure we continue to do the right things for ourselves and our families!

Have a Merry and Happy Christmas and Holidays!!

See you in 2018!

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